Repaired the African way

Sometimes things break which are not easy to replace or repair. Not easy, however, does not mean impossible, so our creativity is continuously being tested here. So far, we had the most trouble with our flip-flops. Rik had bought nice new flip-flops before we left. After 6 weeks they were already broken. I tried to take the sole apart and glue the band back, but shortly after it came loose on the other flip-flop as well. ‘Fortunately’ Joeri forgot to bring his when he returned to Belgium, so Rik could wear his instead.

In the meantime, the foam of my flip-flops ripped which caused the band between the toes to come off all the time. I tried to glue it back, however that did not do much and did not work for very long. At that time they were working a lot with strings (strips of old car tyres) on the land, which gave me the idea to repair them using those. And it worked! When the same thing happened to my other flip-flop, it was easily repaired in the same fashion.

Not long after Riks flip-flop broke again (or should I say, Joeri’s?). This time the plastic band broke between the toes, but also this we could repair with strings. Then the other slipper broke in the exact same place. Easy, we were becoming very skilled at this!

Our problems temporarily fixed with strings!

But then the band broke in a different location, which was not as easily repaired as we could not use strings here, so we had to think of another way. Rik tried to staple it in place, but this only hold for half a day. The only thing that’s holding up until this day is the nail he hammered through it.

I showed the way we repaired our flip-flops to Michael who nodded approvingly: ‘That’s repaired the African way.’

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