Chambo fillet

Yesterday evening we had just thawed the chicken for dinner when someone walked up to our beach with two chambo in his hands – of which one was very big.

James wanted to hold the chambo for a picture.

During my time here I had not seen a chambo of this size yet, so I was willing to buy it if the price was right. The man wanted to have 2500 kwacha for the both of them, but since we were only really interested in the big one the price was 2000. We asked Charles whether this was a fair price and immediately it dropped to 1500 kwacha (about €1,77 or $2,01). Sold!

Rik showing off our ‘catch’.

This morning it was time to roll up my sleeves. Because this chambo was so big, we wanted to get filets out of it, so we could eat two different nights from it. First I had to remove the scales.

Then I cut off the meat and removed the skin. Halfway through Rik asked me how on earth I knew how to fillet a fish, but I honestly had no idea. In the end I am quite content with the fillet. The second sides went better and faster than the first (the first try resulted in two pieces, but on the second try I got one nice big piece).

I guess we will know how well I did it tonight!

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