Herding goats

While we have a fence around the terrain, it is not hermetically sealed. On the last few meters of the beach to the lake there is no fence, and at the entrance we have a gate. Exactly those places are also where intruders are entering: the local goat herd.

It is not a terrible thing to have some goats in the yard, if they weren’t eating the young (palm) trees or ravaging the vegetable garden. Fortunately, because there are many people here every day, the herd is spotted and chased off very soon after they enter. The one who sees them first calls out: Mbuzi! (Goats!), and then soon people jump to action and chase them away.

The neighborhood goat herd on the wrong side of the fence.

But on Sundays it’s up to us to protect the premises. Then either Rik or myself run at them while waving a stick in order to chase them away. Quite a funny sight actually. And we also have to look after our own three goats, which need to be moved to and from their shelter every day.
Here we are parttime goatherds

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