Lake of Stars

Lake Malawi is also called the Lake of Stars, because at night numerous fishermen with lights on their boats go out on the water to fish. When you look at the lake at night it often twinkles because of the vast amount of fishing boats out there. However, Lake of Stars is not only a nickname of the lake, it is also the name of our boat!

Lake of stars at our beach

Roy really wanted to have a local wooden fishing boat, so Rik and I have been asking around and found one at Cape Maclear. Now that Roy was here we could finally take a look from up close, however when we first saw it there was some maintenance scheduled. Yesterday in the afternoon it was finished and we asked if he could come down with the boat to our beach. He only arrived after sunset and it had taken him 2 hours and 10 minutes to find us. Luckily we had already seen the boat in daylight, because now we had to look at it with just the torch.

After the negotiations a handwritten contract was drawn up, which says that we paid a deposit and we will complete the transaction when we transfer the papers on Monday.

Negotiations in the dark

It needs a little bit of fixing, but I am already quite fond of the boat. It was used ar tourboat for tourists, so it already has a floor and a frame for a shade.

I already know what we’ll be doing coming lazy Sunday!

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