Picking papayas

Recently we have free for a whole weekend, which means we also have a little bit of spare time of Saturdays. Rik has been working on a bedframe (but I’ll show you more about that later) and after lunch we went to the garden where the chickens are.

The chickens are slowly getting used to their new home, but in the past three days there has been a fresh egg every day. After feeding the chickens, we were on our way back to the beach when we passed a papaya tree and I wondered if we would be able to get one down.

So I walked up to the tree and tried to give it a good shake. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed in getting one down. But then, while looking around, I saw two bamboo poles tied together which they had used to get papayas down before. I was bumbling with those poles while Rik was watching me. He said I was too short. Of course Rik had to come over then to show me how it’s done!

The first papaya that came down did not survive the fall. Fortunately the first one we tried already had holes in the bottom, so we didn’t feel so bad when this one splashed on the ground.


Shortly after a second one followed. Fortunately we were not standing there! This one showed some cracks in the peel, but didn’t explode so we picked this one up (and used it in a smoothie shortly after).

But we were not done yet. We were convinced there must be a better way if one of us used the poles to poke the papaya and the other one would catch it as it was coming down. It was in essence quite a good plan and the third one easily came loose (Rik was already adept in using those poles by now) only we didn’t keep into account that neither of us was very good at catching… It flew into Riks direction while he was a couple of meters away from the tree, so it was beyond my reach. Oh well, another crack, but apart from that it still looked fine. Guess we’ll just have to be quick about eating those two papayas.

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