The beach is already quite busy. It’s not just Rik and me, there are also four young cats, three goats, a dog (+ the dog of one of the employees sometimes) and there are plans for a bunch of chicken. This time more about our dog: Shoprite.

Before the beach was habitable, Joeri went to Money Bay Beach lodge after almost every working day. At this lodge there were three dogs: Cindy, Dawg and Shoprite. Cindy and Shoprite were adopted from the SPCA and Dawg actually belongs to one of the neighbors, but prefers to hang around at the lodge. Shoprite got his name at the animal shelter due to the fact that he was found at the Shoprite. Shoprite is a supermarket, just like Walmart. So, while Shoprite is from an animal shelter, he and the owner of the lodge could not really get along. Joeri and Shoprite did get along quite well, and so the idea to adopt him was born.

Now, roughly three months later Shoprite lives on our beach. Getting him here was horrible, he really did not want to get into the car and when he was finally in it he hot very sick.. But now he’s here, he’s here to stay. If it’s up to us, he never has to go in the car again. And he never has to, as we have even found a vet who can come to us if need be.

Shoprite is not the most photogenic dog…

He follows us everywhere (until he sees we walk up to the car, then he quickly turns around and returns to the house) and he is quite the coward. He gets jealous as soon as we pet another dog or the cats, and he is scared of everyone and everything. Sometimes he tries to act tough and scare away some small children by charging them, but if they don’t run away then, he stops a couple of meters in front of them and turns around shortly after.

The employees are astonished that he plays with the cats and that they snuggle up against him sometimes. According to them this is unnatural and should they fight as Tom and Jerry.

Especially Coco is often with Shoprite
It already started when the cats were very young!

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