Yesterday we went to Four Seasons plant nursery in Lilongwe. They really have an enormous collection of plants and trees, but because we were only returning home the next day we couldn’t buy any. Then I decided to look at the collection of seeds inside the shop, however we already had the seeds of most of the vegetables. It was the only shop in Malawi where I had seen flower seeds so far, so I got some nasturtium seeds (a climber with edible leaves and flowers) twee types of protea (those flowers require some patience as it will take 4 to 5 years before it flowers for the first time) and oregano (as we are using a lot of our Italian herb mix). But I had actually hoped for fruit seeds, like strawberry or raspberry, unfortunately they did not have anything like this. A shame, because I have been looking for strawberries for a while now. They had to be somewhere, right?

Our next stop was at the hardware store and when we went back outside someone was selling strawberries! We have not even negotiated the price and bought a little box straight away.

Then in the next day we were doing some shopping together with Roy. When we were in the parking lot of old city mall we were addressed by several people, whether we wanted to change money, or whether we wanted to buy paintings, or fruits and vegetables. In an attempt to turn down the last salesman I said we already grew most vegetables ourselves, so I wasn’t interested unless they sold strawberry plants. Well, it turned out that was exactly what I should’ve said, because now a list appeared with all fruits and vegetables they were selling. If we would tell him which ones we liked, he would tell us whether he had the plant or tree for us. Eventually we decided that we were interested in the strawberry plants and some peach trees. While we were doing some groceries, he would go and fetch the plants and bring them to our car for us.

When we returned to the car he was indeed there with a box of strawberry plants and 4 young peach trees.

So that’s how shopping in Malawi can be. At first you cannot find for a long time what you are looking for and if you give up on the search it turns out that on a parking lot there is someone who has exactly what you want!

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