The first boattrip

To protect the boat against damage caused by high waves, the anchor needed to be placed in deep water. We had made a concrete block to serve as an anchor, but getting this heavyweight 150 meters off shore, proved to be not so simple.

The anchor, which must have weighted a couple of hundred kilograms, was lifted on board.

Rik and I were eager to come along since we haven’t been on a trip once since we bought this boat. With 9 guys the block was already lifted on board before all of us boarded. The first part went without a hitch and the anchor went overboard at the designated spot and an empty jerrycan was attached to function as a buoy.

Given it was our first boat trip, the guys wanted to take us a little further on the lake, and so we set sail towards Cape Maclear. We didn’t get very far, because after 500 meters or so the engine stopped working and none of the guys could get it to work again.

Aimlessly we were floating around while some of the guys were trying to figure out what’s wrong with the engine. A fisherman in a dug-out canoo passed us and he was asked to help us out. He also couldn’t help us any further.

Overview of the boat with the fisherman’s dug-out canoo on the right side of the boat.

Chakuda suddenly got the idea to use the fisherman’s peddle in order to get back to the shore. It worked, however it was terribly slow with a wooden boat with 11 passengers.

Chakuda is paddling with the houses on the beach in the background. peddelen.

Ikiton thought it was going too slow and took the fisherman’s canoo and someone’s flip-flops flips to paddle back to the beach with.

Meanwhile, on the beach some employees who didn’t come along had figured out something was wrong. We saw Charles walking up to the neighbours where he borrowed a canoo, so he could bring us some extra peddles.

Charles with an extra paddle.

Peter figured out a way, right on the moment Charles got us another paddle, to use a wooden plank as an extra paddle (we still don’t know where he suddenly got this plank from!). The plank, however, didn’t last very long… Fortunately I had decided to film seconds before it broke. The clip turned out to greatly entertain all employees later on.

Shortly after Ikiton – who paddled away using flip-flops – returned with even more extra paddles. Now the fisherman could continue with whatever he was doing. In the meantime the sun was almost setting already, but we were getting close to shore. With all those extra paddles it didn’t take long before we arrived at the beach and were received by some employees who stayed after working hours to make sure we made it back. Such an eventful first boat trip!

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