We were fixing insect screens to the windowframes when Danny came to us and told us there was a car in front of the gate. The contractor said he might come by today, so I didn’t quite understand why they made him wait. “No, it’s not the contractor, it’s from Pumulani,” Danny said. Pumulani is a very luxurious resort just down the bay. Did they come to check out the potential competition?

It took a while for a landcruiser to enter the site with 4 people in it. Apparently they had already seen the houses from the water when they came by boat and wondered what was going on here. Before arriving here, the two British ladies had already had a tour through Kasanka (the fishing village a little further) and they had been to the church on the mountain in Nankhwali, so this stretch of beach had become part of their tour.

When they arrived here, they thought everything was great, while it is quite the construction site in some areas. We have been tidying up the last few days, but even without seeing anything the ladies thought it was beautiful. When I said that they were also allowed to take a closer look at the houses, of course they were very impressed by those too. Immediately a remark was made about how cool the bamboo ceiling was, which is nice to hear as so much work has gone into it!

Coincidentally, the ceiling outside was just finished today.

I’m very excited about the bathroom myself, so I invited them in to see the bathroom. The reactions to this were comparable to my own enthusiasm: “Now THIS is a room with a view!” Comparisons have been made with the toilets that overlook Victoria Falls, haha.

The view is very beautiful indeed!

Not much later they had left without seeing everything. The man that had accompanied them turned out to be Pumulani’s manager and immediately invited us to come and have a look!

Because it was already past twelve, we immediately went to eat a peanut butter sandwich, but our lunch was cut short because another car suddenly appeared on the site. A while ago a carpenter was supposed to come by to finish the doors, but he didn’t show up at the time. Apparently he came today, together with his boss and two others. The boss immediately made a remark about the bamboo ceiling. Wow, that ceiling received its second compliment of the day! Rik took his chance and asked their boss what he thought of the bed that Rik made recently. Well, he thought it was a nice and sturdy bed, and immediately asked where we had bought it. This was Rick’s time to shine: “I made it myself,” he said with a big grin.

Rik turns out to have a hidden talent as interior designer 😉

While the carpenters were busy with the doors, a third guest arrived by boat this time. He came to bring the canoe that had been in the making for a while. We need that to pick up the boat from the anchor that is a bit further into the lake since it is fairly shallow here.

Well, sometimes nobody comes here for weeks, and suddenly there are many guests in one day. We certainly need the weekend off, after all those visitors 😉

Baobab juice

Salete – a girl from the village – said she would teach me how to make ‘freezers’ which she sells for 200 kwacha each (about 26 American dollar cents) hopind to make enough money to pay tuition fees. The main ingredient of freezers is baobab.

It has cooled down a bit since it’s winter, so she is not selling freezers anymore. However the baobab season is coming to an end, so it was about time I learned how to make freezers.

She arrived here with a whole bowl filled with baobab pieces. The dry fruit was already taken from the hard shell and fallen apart. We put about half of it in the biggest pot I could find, the rest didn’t fit anymore.

Next we added water and brought it to a boil. After cooking for a while the pulp dissolved and only the large seeds and some fiber remained.

We sieved the whole thing and added some sugar. This was also the first time for me in the process to taste! Baobab juice is tart and sour, so I understood why sugar was added. The sugar made the whole thing taste a bit like lemonade and while I really like lemonade, I still had to get used to the flavour. Rik absolutely didn’t like it! Because of the strong flavour I think it’s better to add to a smoothie rather than drinking it pure.

Today I secretly added a ladle of the juice through the smoothie and he didn’t notice anything. He’ll find out when he reads this post 😉