A second attempt

Our first boat trip did not go exactly as planned, but it was time to try again. We replaced the spark plugs and got some extra petrol. And for those who wonderen: we still had petrol left from the first attempt, so that was not what went wrong then. 😉

During our first trip, people were staring at the contents of the tank and found some dirt inside. So this time the fuel was sieved through a fish net, and the tank was rinsed before the petrol was returned. Time to board the ship again, with a set of extra paddles this time!

Miraculously everything went well this time. We stayed close to the shore and first went to the east and then 2 kilometers or so to the west before returning to the beach. Along the shoreline we have seen many small fishing villages.

Chakuda on fishnet watch.

Almost all of the guys on board were visibly in their element, and I realised that most of them were fishermen before they started to work with us.
After ‘testing the engine’ for half an hour we were back on the beach. It was time to work on another problem with the boat: fixing some leaks. Today the boat was pushed up on the beach as far as possible and tomorrow we will see if we can fix the leaks.

Let’s hope three times is the charm.

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