A small victory

Yesterday I wrote about the huge quantity of plastic bags I got with my groceries, however today I managed to avoid most plastic bags. I refused the plastic bag with the onions, I just took them with me as they were (it was only 3 meters to the car anyway). I had brought a cotton bag for the groceries at Asante shop and I even bought cooking oil without the plastic bottle! When we came here, Rik brought a bottle of whiskey with him, and now that one’s empty we had a beautiful glass bottle just laying around.
We had already seen big 20 liter buckets of cooking oil alongside the road and yesterday I asked Dany how it works when buying oil around here.

It turns out that you can buy set quantities, 500ml, 1 liter, and so on. The bottle I had was 700ml – which was too complicated – so I had it filled with 500ml cooking oil. For those who wonder how expensive it would be around here: it cost me 450 kwacha (which is about 0,56 euro or 0,62 US dollars).

Local cooking oil is less transparent than we are used to, but I was told that it should get its ‘true color’ in the sun or when heated.

Next to the fact that I avoided adding another plastic bottle to my collection, I actually like the look of this glass bottle in my ‘kitchen’ much better. Back in the Netherlands I would have never thought about it, but here this small victory made my day even better!

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