Baobab juice

Salete – a girl from the village – said she would teach me how to make ‘freezers’ which she sells for 200 kwacha each (about 26 American dollar cents) hopind to make enough money to pay tuition fees. The main ingredient of freezers is baobab.

It has cooled down a bit since it’s winter, so she is not selling freezers anymore. However the baobab season is coming to an end, so it was about time I learned how to make freezers.

She arrived here with a whole bowl filled with baobab pieces. The dry fruit was already taken from the hard shell and fallen apart. We put about half of it in the biggest pot I could find, the rest didn’t fit anymore.

Next we added water and brought it to a boil. After cooking for a while the pulp dissolved and only the large seeds and some fiber remained.

We sieved the whole thing and added some sugar. This was also the first time for me in the process to taste! Baobab juice is tart and sour, so I understood why sugar was added. The sugar made the whole thing taste a bit like lemonade and while I really like lemonade, I still had to get used to the flavour. Rik absolutely didn’t like it! Because of the strong flavour I think it’s better to add to a smoothie rather than drinking it pure.

Today I secretly added a ladle of the juice through the smoothie and he didn’t notice anything. He’ll find out when he reads this post 😉

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