Yesterday afternoon the last wall of the bathroom was put in place, which means we can take showers from now on!

We had tried the shower before with some temporary screens, but now the bathroom is almost the way it is supposed to be, and it’s really awesome. Enthusiastically, I already started planting the bathroom with plants we had in the garden. For now we have planted some lemongrass, ferns, a Swiss cheese plant and a flower (of which no one around seems to know the name, but the leaf resemble banana leaves). Soon we will go to a tree nursery again to get some more plants. I am already so excited for that!

For a couple of days we have been taking showers shortly after 5 o’clock, because everyone has just left around that time and the sun is still up (and because we can enjoy the sunset from the shower! How cool is that?). Afters Riks first shower here he was totally zen. His review: the bathroom truly is the nicest place of the house.

We already had our first guest in the bathroom too: a chameleon! How that one ended up on the fence is still a mystery to us, but it was definitely a nice surprise.

Of course, the bathroom is not finished yest, because the shower column still needs some paint, we need to plant more (yay!) and we need to add pebbles. Because as you may have guessed; that rubble with two timbers for a shower tray is not like the final design.

Having a bathroom with wall is a luxery which we had to do without for so long. Now all I want is hot water. 😉

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