Overdue work (with a view)

A couple of days ago we returned to Malawi. It has been a while since I’ve last posted an update because we were having visitors a couple of weeks back. After they have left Rik and I went on a short (but sweet) holiday to Zambia, after we we went straight to the Netherlands so I could be with my family when we said our last goodbyes together to my grandfather. It was very nice to be with my family for this moment, and being in the Netherlands also allowed for us to meet up with some friends after 6 months.

Now we’re back in Malawi and we immediately had work overdue! Because we had visitors shortly because we left, there was a huge pile of bedsheets and towels waiting to be washed. Luckily our water ladies were here to help us out (for a fee) with this chore. I didn’t really look forward to washing all this by hand in the lake…

In the meantime, the floors of all the houses have been sweeped, mopped and polished. The dishes are done and the toilets have been cleaned – even though they haven’t been used for a couple of weeks, there were some animals which made their home inside the bowl! Like this toad:

When we returned we immediately noticed that the cats were covered in parasites. We couldn’t find anything to treat them ourselves, so we called ‘Ask’ the veterinarian. When he came it took half a day of our time as he doesn’t have his own transportation, so we had to pick him up from the gas station close to Monkey Bay (as he could reach that place with public services). Driving there and back already takes a little less than an hour, and we had to drive that way twice. When he was here however, I took the chance to ask him to check out Bear Gryll’s wound from the sterilisation. Ask agreed with me that the wound didn’t look completely right, so Bear got a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. This was administered by injection and this injection had to be repeated for the next 4 days, so Ask asked me if I could do it..

Well, I am absolutely terrified of needles, so I replied immediately that I couldn’t do it. In reply he asked whether Rik could do it then. Since driving the vet up and down here for an injection for a couple of days in a row wasn’t really an option, Rik asked how he should do it. Today we had to do it ourselves and I think we were both pretty nervous for it!

But of course Rik is some kind of superhero, so eventually he stuck the needle into the designated muscle in the thigh, he checked whether he wasn’t inside an artery and injected the anti-inflammatory. Bear barely showed any discomfort; a relief, because tomorrow we’ll have to do it again!

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