Peanut butter

We ran out of peanut butter, which meant that we ran out of all of the spreads. The hardest thing about this is that the people in this region don’t even know what peanut butter is, so it is not possible to just buy it somewhere. They do, however, sell raw peanuts everywhere for 1000 kwacha per kg ($1,32).

So, what do you do in this case? You make your own peanut butter.

Rik said to me earlier that the peanuts which I had bought on the market did not taste very good, so we still had a whole jar on the shelve. What he didn’t know about it was that those were raw peanuts, and he expected the taste of roasted peanuts. So the first step in making peanut butter was to roast the peanuts. Fortunately thats easily done by putting them in the oven at 180°C or 355°F for 10 minutes.

Next I removed the skins as I think they are a bit bitter. I collected the skinned peanuts in the bowl of the foodprocessor we have since Roy has been here.

From here it’s actually very easy. I added a pinch of salt and turned on the food processor. When the peanuts looked like crumbs I scooped some out and set them aside, because Rik prefers a chunky peanut butter. Then you continue using the machine until the crumbs start to stick together and form a ball, but at this point you don’t stop yet. You continue until it goes soft and smooth again and then you add a little bit of oil, so it becomes spreadable. I made Rik taste it and he said it tasted like Calvé (the most well known Dutch peanut butter brand). Peanut butter here is imported from South Africa and they add sugar while in the Netherlands we are used to peanut butters that only add salt. So it tasted like Dutch peanut butter, good! As a final touch I reintroduced the peanut crumbs and mixed it in.

Then all that was left to do was scoop it into a jar. I chose an old peanut butter jar which we cleaned, so we could reuse it. What better container could I choose?

Next time I’ll make a bigger portion 😉

Just in time for lunch!

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